New Music Mondays – Dec 5th, 2011

New Music Mondays – December 5th, 2011

A lot of my friends rely on me for new music when they’re getting tired of their current iPod playlists, so I got to thinking… Why not blog about new music that I’m feelin’ each week? That way my friends (consider yourself a friend because anyone who listens to the station is a friend of mine) can check out some of the newest jams first!

Mike Posner “Looks Like Sex”
He’s back with his first single off his to-be-released sophomore album “Sky High,” the followup to “31 Minutes Til Takeoff.” “Looks Like Sex” is a sultry electro pop joint that is dominated by Posner’s hoarse vocal tone and a splashy chorus that will surely be picked up quickly by radio. Lyrically, Posner tells a fratastic tale about flirting with the girl of his desire. Beware: The repetitive hook will get stuck in your head. Mike Posner is back with his signature swag.


T-Pain ft. Ne-yo “Turn All The Lights On” (Prod. by Dr. Luke)
As much as I’m over auto-tune, looks like T-Pain is back with another club hit.


Childish Gambino “Heartbeat”
You might know him as Troy from NBC’s “Community,” from his standup acts as Donald Glover (no relation to Danny btw), or as his rap alias Childish Gambino. It took me a while to comprehend that someone who seems so laidback and funny could be such an articulate, well versed and raw lyricist. I first learned of his rap skills after a friend forwarded me an Adele remix of “Rolling in the Deep” that they found, which they liked and thought I would do the same. It was pretty impressive. A few months passed and Gambino popped back up on my radar when released a track called “Freaks and Geeks,” which went somewhat viral and ended up being used in an Adidas commercial. Long story short, he released his first album two weeks ago and here’s one of my favorite tracks from it. It’s a little different, but check it out!